Round the Island

Once described as 'the Grand National of sailing', the annual Round the Island Race is extremely popular in the sailing world. The amount of publicity it attracts raises a huge amount of money for its official charity: Prostate Research Campaign UK.

By chartering one of our yachts, your company could take part in the 50-mile race, sailed anti-clockwise around the Isle of Wight, alongside competitors from all around the world, and make a difference in the medical world by raising funds for the fight against prostate cancer.

The race was first started in 1931 with only 25 entries. Today there are over 1700 yachts competing for the beautiful Gold Roman Bowl. Entrants range from being complete novices sailing in the smallest offshore categories, to very accomplished competitors sailing in maxi-yachts. Sir Edward Heath is among the most notable of contestants having won the race 4 times!

Despite the record winning time standing at just over 3 hours, most entrants cross the finishing line in late afternoon, which makes for a relaxing, enjoyable sail with plenty of time for team building, networking and letting your hair down with a nice glass of bubbly!

The race takes place on the 1st June 2013, so contact us now to charter one of our racing yachts and take part in this amazing spectacle on the Solent waters.