Rolex Fastnet Race

Take part in one of the world's most thrilling ocean races, The Fastnet, and battle against 300 teams from around the world in a voyage which stretches from Cowes to the south Coast of Ireland and Plymouth. Anyone who enjoys sailing and has completed 300 nautical miles of offshore racing can compete in this challenging amateur race which is guaranteed to be an unforgettable learning experience.

Physically and mentally demanding, the complex course which covers 608 miles is designed for individuals who are committed to hard work and who like to be challenged. Following the Royal Ocean Racing Club's guidelines, we will provide every member of your crew with practical 'hands on' experience in everything from white sail and spinnaker handling to ISAF-approved safety training and survival techniques. Our aim is to ensure that you and your team have the confidence to handle all types of situations, thereby enabling you to deal with unpredictable conditions and boosting your team's chances of success.

In addition to practical professional training and guidance, crews will also have the opportunity to discuss race rules and useful tactics for when the going gets tough. Our first class race training programme allows for plenty of time to practise and plan strategies, meaning you can get as much out of this unique sailing experience as possible.

If you enjoy being part of a team, have an average level of fitness and would like to take part in one of the world's greatest offshore races, let us prepare you for an enthralling sporting event led by an experienced Skipper and First Mate. Everyone from novice to skilled sailors can follow our professional race training programme before competing in a unique event which you and your crew will be talking about for years to come. A day's racing on the Solent is the perfect way to network paving the way for potential business relationships.

Bring your team and clients down to the Solent and race our fantastic fleet.