Corporate Yacht Charter

Team Building with Charter Haus - Increase team morale & team spirit!

Team Building Sailing Events

A day's racing on the Solent is the perfect way to network: paving the way for potential business relationships. It is also the perfect way to increase team morale and team spirit in the workplace.

Charter Haus specialise in developing team-building events to accommodate your needs and objectives as a company. Team bonding and team building both play a fundamental role in keeping staff and clients driven and inspired, whilst building on effective communication skills.

We can help your business to expand and flourish, as well as ensuring that your staff and clients recognise and appreciate the strengths of the people they work with on a day-to-day basis.

Difficulties arising in the work place need to be resolved and discussed in a logical and organised fashion, and team building with Charter Haus will help to develop this.

Sailing isn't easy. It demands a lot both physically and mentally. By chartering our Reflex 38's, Charter Haus can offer you a challenging but fun filled day of racing on the Solent, which will help to address issues in the workplace such as delegation, communication and management.

Team Development Sailing Events

Charter Haus takes great pleasure in announcing its union with leadership and team development consultancy Symphony. Together we offer a 1 and 2 day team building programme.

Symphony offers a pragmatic approach to team development with a formula that combines both business school thinking and sports psychology.

We know that the best way to reinforce workshop learning is by getting plenty of "hands on" practical experience. With a history in ocean yacht racing we love to take teams out in sheltered water, giving them the chance to have fun whilst demonstrating high performance team behaviour.

We offer four effective products that can be used alone or in combination to create a powerful team building experience.

Online Team 360 Profiling

Created by the London Business School our profiles reveal the essence of your team's psychology, providing the basis of our Team Development Workshop. Our direct and user friendly lessons from the world of business and sport allow understanding and insight into team challenges, as well as providing a road map towards strong team performances. Part of the workshop includes a Conference Speech / Motivational Presentation which involves fascinating lessons of team development from one of the world's toughest yacht races, the 2004/05 Global Challenge. Following this, the team can take part in some Corporate Yacht Racing and Team Building on the Solent, which will give them the opportunity to demonstrate high performance team behaviour.


The 2004 / 05 Global Challenge Yacht Race was the catalyst for inspiring this unique consultancy. This incomparable racing event involves 12 yachts, 17 amateurs and one professional skipper who sail around the world against unpredictable winds and currents. The 9 month race is all about strong team skills and leadership, as there’s nothing the sponsors can do to make the boats sail more quickly. Fascinating and inspiring, the lessons from the race have provided the ideology behind two separate business management texts.

The BP Explorer took third place in the 2004/05 Global Challenge thanks to the leadership skills of David Melville. David combines his business team leadership and ocean racing experience within Symphony, the flagship name in leadership and team development consultancy.



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