Corporate Yacht Charter

Branding - Advertise your company while you sail!

Benefits of branding

What better way is there to advertise your company than on the boats you and your clients or staff are sailing in? At Charter Haus we offer complete facilities for corporate yacht branding, which, with your specifications, will be made to suit your company's specific needs.

Our fleet of yachts could be turned into a bold, floating advertisement for your company that is bound to attract attention.

Types of branding

There are 4 types of branding that we offer at Charter Haus: Sail branding, Flags and Banners, Vinyl Hull Branding and Spray Dodgers.

Because of their height, sails and spinnakers are brilliant for advertising your company as they can be seen from a distance. At Charter Haus, we can brand onto any sail material - your choice should take into account what graphics you would like to use, and how permanent you would like the branding to be.

Flags and banners can be flown from the forestay, and are also a highly visible way to advertise your company. In this instance size really does matter, as the bigger the better!!

Vinyl hull branding is probably the most effective way of advertising on yachts, as the hull transfers are highly visible on the water and moored in the marina. Bow logos are most popular, but branding can be added to other areas of the hul - the choice is yours - we just do as we're told!!

The final type of branding we offer at Charter Haus, are spray dodgers. These are a useful source of advertising for companies that don't sail too often and would rather keep the cost of re-branding down to a minimum. Spray dodgers are clipped onto the grand rails on either side of the yacht and can be used again and again!

If your company is looking for that little something extra, a total hull wrap can be done to change the boats colour entirely, with branding put on afterwards.



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