The quality of RYA Sailing School Boats in Gibraltar - make sure you are on a good boat

With Bongani now moored in Gibraltar undergoing preparations for the Middle Sea Race it has become really evident why some sailing schools are cheaper than others, I really did naively think that most schools keep their yachts in top top condition. That thought of surly all charter companies must care came crashing down when I got a call from a skipper asking if our boats where available for an emergency charter.

Now it just so happens that she was available,

Why I asked? - and the answer came, "I have 3 yacht master clients and our mainsail furling system has just jammed - help I need a boat quick, only 3 days left and a day out with the instructor" my answer back was "yes the boat is available and the costs are X per day", X being double what these sailing schools are prepared to pay for a well looked after fully coded boat. "why so much? came the reply, "because it costs money to keep a yacht it tip top condition, a yacht that all our clients love and appreciate when they get here to do the course that have paid good money for, and besides why don't you just use your other boat" --Reply "that one is also broken" at that stage there is nothing you can do - end result the 3 wannabe yachtmasters then get given their money back and sent home without their Yachtmaster Certification.

Make sure you are booking with a RYA School that you know have good well looked after training yachts. Gibraltar is a great place for this training and there are some excellent RYA trainers and examiners, its has everything going for it - just don't get caught out by the schools with shoddy boats, and for the record the courses seem to be all priced the same irrelevant of which sailing boat you will be on.

Atlantic Charters is a great example of a Gibraltar based RYA sailing school with awesome boats, of which Bongani is one!

by tom on Thursday 26 August 2010

 The weather could not have been better! I was very well looked after by Katie, Chris and Flaivo!  

Janet Scrace,

 On behalf of Andrew and myself, thankyou very much indeed for such a wonderful day of sailing on Friday.