Making the most out of your Rib charter on the Solent this summer.

Making the most out of your Rib charter on the Solent this summer.

There is an outside possibility that this year there might be a summer. Thoughts will inevitably turn to long lazy days on the water. Whichever format you favour to charter Ribs - there is nothing cheap about boating and you should be making the absolute best of your time afloat.

For most people, the skippered rib charter option is the way forward. Not only are you absolved of any liability for the Rib, but invariably the skipper will know the Solent intimately and take you to places where the less experienced might be concerned to venture. There is also something about stepping off the Rib in prime locations to have an excellent lunch without having to worry about a) enjoying a glass of wine or b) finding somewhere safe and convenient to moor the Rib!

For others, bareboat rib charter (without a skipper) is the only way forward. This puts you in complete control of the day and however friendly a skipper may be, there is something about being masters of your destiny even if that does come with a risk to the damage deposit.

The big message though, is that less is more. The temptation is to spend ten hours blasting around at high speed but this is a recipe for wasted fuel, sore backs and mutinous crew. The real pleasure of Ribs (unless you are planning a major cross channel expedition) is all about travelling at speed to and then getting on and off in different and interesting locations. Surely the unique benefit of the Solent is a plethora of ports, rivers dockyards and landmarks spread around the mainland and Island shores all in protected waters.

The challenge therefore is to format a day that appeals to every onboard not just the enthusiast who instigates the day. Plenty of trips ashore add interest at every level. The anticipation of the going back to the Rib and embarking on the next leg of the adventure after the ice cream / coffee / stroll or picnic etc is what the day is all about.

Perhaps this is also playing the long game...if the passengers all have a great time then it is likely that there might full executive approval for a follow up day!

Look for the 'what's on' section to get a taste for just some of the events coming up on the Solent. The Round the Island Race takes place on June the 1st. The spinnaker rounding of the Needles during the world's largest yacht race is surely one of the greatest sights - all the more dramatic from the water.

Let's hope we see something of that sun!

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by Thomas Frame on Thursday 16 May 2013

 The weather could not have been better! I was very well looked after by Katie, Chris and Flaivo!  

Janet Scrace,

 On behalf of Andrew and myself, thankyou very much indeed for such a wonderful day of sailing on Friday.