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  • Middle Sea Race

    by Charter Haus on Friday 21 August 2009

    Only one place left for the 2009 Middle Sea Race campaign, please contact Dave to ensure you get the last place on this great race.[more]

  • Fastnet 2009 - Bongani team finish with high spirits

    by Charter Haus on Tuesday 18 August 2009

    What a final day, the wind dropped off and the yachts stopped 20miles from the finish line just off Plymouth. After many nail biting hours the breeze finally filled in from the south west and that gave us a boost to haul in some of the class boats ahead, it also allowed the slower boats with better ratings to catch up.We where extremely happy to have finished 12th in class 2, probably one of t...[more]

  • Fastnet 2009 - Final day update - GBR1660R Bongani

    by Charter Haus on Friday 14 August 2009

    HiWritten last night at 2109 Wednesday 12th August (but no phone signal) Sorry for the lack of updates but we had an engine failure which took us 12 hours to fix. As a result we chose to conserve battery power and I shut the computer down for that period except for essential navigation. But a fantastic job by Tobias and James and it is up and running againAs I write we are on the downhill ride...[more]

  • Fastnet 2009 - Bongani is around the rock

    by Charter Haus on Wednesday 12 August 2009

    Bongani has just rounded the rock, and is on her way home in the Fastnet 2009 race. Still lying 4th in class. 3rd on the water and has been consistently in the top 5 from the beginning. you can track the fleet here.[more]

  • Bongani GBR1660R Fastnet update day 2

    by Charter Haus on Monday 10 August 2009

    >> 2340 Sunday 9th August>> 3 knots of wind next to Portland Bill> It is very peaceful here.>> We have just picked up some favourable tide along the Portland shore > and are making slow progress to the Bill>> The question is - will we be able to get round the bill or will the > tide push us back? At this rate it will still take us 1 hour to get > there ev...[more]

  • Bongani 1660R Fastnet day 1

    by Charter Haus on Monday 10 August 2009

    >> 1710 3.8 miles from Anvil point.> Very light wind less than 5 knots> Still got favourable tide and with>> Had a great kite run to Yarmouth and managed to get the island tide > to spped us past yarmouth>> The fleet initially separated with many heading off shore but now > everyone seems to be coming this way along the coast.>> Just had some fun and games ...[more]

  • Fastnet 2009 is here

    by Charter Haus on Sunday 9 August 2009

    Bongani is finally ready and has just left for her berth at cowes before the start tomorrowGood luck to all the teams[more]

  • Yacht hull scrubbed very early in prep for the 2009 Fastnet

    by Charter Haus on Thursday 6 August 2009

    Ruben and the guys arrived at the boat at 6am this morning in Cowes, these guys do a brilliant job cleaning the hull, ready for the 2009 Fastnet now, starts this Sunday. The Solent is packed full of some of the fastest monohulls on the planet.[more]

  • Very little wind today at cowes week

    by Charter Haus on Wednesday 5 August 2009

    Even the X boats are having to row back in to Cowes.[more]

 The weather could not have been better! I was very well looked after by Katie, Chris and Flaivo!  

Janet Scrace,

 On behalf of Andrew and myself, thankyou very much indeed for such a wonderful day of sailing on Friday.